About Us

Silk Ruute is an independent subsidiary of S.R.Overseas (an export-oriented firm) founded in 1999.

Situated in Bhagalpur, Bihar, working with weavers, we have been able to perform consistently in the international market and have achieved multiple accolades for our performance. We received the State excellence award from the hon’ble Chief Minister of Bihar in the year 2007. We have also received the best performance in India in the Clothing Accessories category for two consecutive years, 2014-15 and 2015-16, by the Hon’ble textile Minister of India.

After getting such recognition for our performance in the international market, we decided to present our products to our own people of India. Therefore, in 2017 Silk Ruute was born.

In Silk Ruute, we present all of our products that have done exceptionally well in the International markets. We pride ourselves in making rare silk products that have never been introduced in the Indian market before. Our range follows pure silk stoles made of tussar silk and a blend of various silk yarns put together. Other than that, we have a collection of dyed and printed silk stoles. We have a range of silk stoles with a blend of cotton and viscose fibers.

All of our products go through the same quality process as done for the export market. It means that all the products, either dyed or printed, are colorfast, skin-friendly, and Azo-free.

All our products are manufactured and packed in Bhagalpur; we are among few traders who are still present and operate directly from the Bhagalpur region to provide our customers authentic Bhagalpuri scarves and stoles.

Most of our products are made on a handloom by traditional handloom weavers of this region. Their specialty is their ability to weave complicated silk yarns into fabrics. This is The USP that has helped us to compete in the international market, given the dominance of China in the clothing accessories category.

Other than presenting unique silk accessories to our customers, it is also important for us to make people aware of silk and its varieties. Therefore, we encourage our clients and customers to write to us if there is anything they wish to know about our products, their weaving, designs, or their quality.