Debunking Common Myths About Silk

Debunking Common Myths About Silk

Aren’t silk dresses just so gorgeous? The amazing fit, comfortable design and soft texture are enough to make anybody swoon at this majestic fabric. Whether you want to go on an outdoor brunch with your friends or have to dress up for a fancy dinner party, silk dresses can be your best bet for almost every occasion. 

But as all things go by, silk is also not untouched by myths and misconceptions. Several myths hinder it from being labelled as the most desirable fabric existing today. In this blog, we will find out some of the most common myths associated with silk as a fabric, and we will debunk them. 

Silk is a fragile fabric

Most people think silk is an unstable fabric due to its lightweight, but it is far from fragile. Contrary to popular belief, silk is one of the strongest natural fibres. Do you know that a well-made silk dress can stay perfect for decades and even be transformed into an heirloom piece? So, if anyone tells you that silk is fragile, better not believe them!

Silk Demands Hefty Maintenance 

Some believe silk is too complicated of a fabric as it needs a lot of care and appropriate handling. But that is not true. A silk dress or a silk accessory such as handwoven pure silk stoles or scarf can be easily washed and air-dried and is ready for any occasion. It is always advisable to take wash care precautions to keep the fabric long lasting.

Silk is a “Luxurious” Fabric 

We have all heard how royal silk’s appearance is, but that doesn’t make it suitable for certain occasions only. Silk is known to be breathable and one of the greatest thermal regulators, making it a perfect choice for warm and colder days. The fabric of all seasons, silk can be an ideal companion for you. 

Silk is not environment-friendly. 

Over the years, silk has earned a reputation, and that’s a bad one. Time and again, it has been labelled as a pollutant. But you wouldn’t even believe that its production is the cleanest in the textile industry. 

An Unsuitable fabric for heat 

Did you know that silk has great moisture-resistant properties? Even though it has a reputation for being quite precious, its properties make silk a very comfortable and breathable option to wear.  

How many of the above-given myths have you believed to be true since now? We hope this blog has helped you understand better. Buy handcrafted pure silk stoles from Silk Ruute to add a precious yet comfortable fabric to your wardrobe, and make a sustainable fashion choice today!

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